REI Hacks: Wholesale Cheat Sheet

J. F. Whitehead
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As I began working with the REI Hacks: REI Mentor Community, one of the most frequent questions I was asked is "How do I get started with Wholesale?"🤔 

I find myself having this conversation with more and more people so I decided to pull together this quick guide!!

As you will see, there is not much to the overall concept of wholesaling. You essentially put a property under contract with a homeowner at X price and sell or assign it to another buyer/investor at Y price and you collect the difference as your wholesale or assignment "fee". 

The hard part is the work it requires and consistency needed to actually find a good deal! But that's not a problem with the right guidance and tools as you will see once you join the REI Hacks Community 😉

Check out this guide so we can get you started on your path of real estate investing. Wholesaling is just one of the many ways that exist to invest in real estate! Take these skills and apply them to your fix and flip or buy and hold business as well. 

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13 ratings
  • You'll get the REI Hacks: Wholesale Cheat Sheet guide!!

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    4 pages
  • You'll get the REI Hacks: Wholesale Cheat Sheet guide!!
  • Size110 KB
  • Length4 pages


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REI Hacks: Wholesale Cheat Sheet

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