REI Hacks: The Secrets to Finding Distressed, Non-Owner Occupied, & Vacant Properties

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REI Hacks: The Secrets to Finding Distressed, Non-Owner Occupied, & Vacant Properties

J. F. Whitehead
21 ratings

Ever taken a real estate investment course or attended an actual seminar? It's a lot of talk and hype about the real estate investment movement and how they do it so you can too!

They make promises and paint these grand pictures of living a luxurious life as a real estate investor. It almost sounds too good to be true but they reassure you, with THEIR tools, systems, and guidance, you will be investing like the "pros" in no time!

Then after you've spent all of your money on that, they tell you, now go and find a deal! So what do most of us do? It is typically, 1 of 3 things:

1) Driving for Dollars (Yipeee!!)

2) Direct Mail/Sticky Notes (Yeessss!)

3) Obtain List/Skip Trace and Cold Call (I can't Waaiiiit!!)

Now, are these viable ways to find discounted off-market properties?? Sure, they work but with all of the competition and people looking to start investing in real estate every day, will these strategies actually work for you?

For the majority of you, the answer to this question is simply NO. This is not going to work for you. You will try these out for a month or two, with no success, grow frustrated and eventually give up and start looking for the next "shiny" opportunity to get into. The "gurus" who taught you don't care because you've already paid them and you not actually proceeding and becoming a real estate investor is less competition. A win-win for THEM!

I have never been able to understand that approach. Why spend all of your money learning how to invest in real estate and then when the opportunity to invest presents itself, you no longer have the funds to invest?!

This is where this course comes in. If you find a decent guide or seminar, they may briefly speak on these subjects but only at a super high level. Again, you not getting it works in their favor. Less Competition.

This course will walk you step-by-step through the processes the "gurus" are actually utilizing to obtain discounted properties off-market. Don't keep wasting time doing things that don't work. Even if you are able to find success with the strategies listed above, you are going to need to scale your business over time to increase your deals. This guide will give you an insider advantage over your competition to ensure you always come out on top with finding the best off-market deals!

This course covers:

✅ How to get in touch with the appropriate contact...

✅ What information/data to request...

✅ How to utilize the data to find your deal...

✅ Your next steps to set you on the right path to Invest...

Once you start finding these off-market deals, your opportunities as a real estate investor will open up. Whether you have interest in wholesale, fix and flip, or even buy and hold investing, your opportunities will be endless once you take this course and master these techniques!

Start finding your off-market real estate deals today!


If You Aren't Speaking With Motivated Sellers To Get Properties Under Contract Using REI HACKS In 30 Days, I Will Personally Refund 100% Of Your Money. 

That's Right! Due to the nature of this Real Estate content, MANY would argue that refunds shouldn't even be available. I mean, you could simply take the material, say it didn't work, get your refund, and keep using it to your benefit. But that’s exactly how confident I am in the REI Hacks course and tool kit. It is also how strongly I believe in KARMA!

If you take this course, and genuinely follow my guides and tools for 30 days and STILL aren't speaking with motivated sellers - send me an email or DM and I'll send you back 100% of your money!

If you find this course doesn't help with your Real Estate business, I will refund your money, No Questions Asked.

(Feel fee to contact me on twitter @calljamalrei or IG @j.f.whitehead for any help)

Don't Just Take My Word For It, See What Some Of My Mentees And Students Say…

I want this!

You will get a PPT Presentation detailing the steps to finding Distressed, Non-Owner Occupied, & Vacant Off-Market Properties! You will also receive my "REI Tool Kit" with additional investment information, scripts, and tools to help you find investment properties.


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