REI Hacks: The "Leads List" (BUNDLE)

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I want this!

REI Hacks: The "Leads List" (BUNDLE)

J. F. Whitehead
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Are you tired of looking for motivated sellers with NO Success?! 🤬

Spending days driving for dollars only to get a bunch of addresses that require even more skip tracing??

Spending hours pulling owner names and numbers manually??

Or like some people, you don't even know where to begin to look to find motivated sellers!!

If only there were data providers that could provide leads for you?

You're in LUCK!! 🤝

I've pulled together a list of 20 data providers for your convenience. Utilize these providers for all of your absentee owner, foreclosure, vacant, and high equity (i.e. free-and-clear) search needs! Whether you want to purchase and pull a list, complete with owner names, property addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, or upload a list that you've already compiled solely for skip tracing services, these providers have you covered. 

Looking for Leads? ✅

Looking for Motivated Sellers? ✅

Looking for Absentee Owners? ✅ 

Looking for Vacant Properties? ✅

Looking for Pre/Foreclosure Properties? ✅

Looking for Non-Owner Occupied Homes? ✅

Looking for 15+ Year Owners with High Equity? ✅

BONUS: In addition to getting the "Leads List", you will also receive my REI Hacks: Wholesale Cheat Sheet and REI 101: Funding Options guide. This is the PERFECT Starter Kit! Inexpensive and Effective!!

I want this!

You'll get the REI Hacks: "Leads List" + REI Hacks: Wholesale Cheat Sheet + REI 101: Funding Options


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